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Ballet Technique ~ The foundational principles of body movement and form. It is an important aspect of ballet performance because ballet puts great emphasis on the method and execution of movement. This class will do ballet barre, floor barre, center and across the floor combinations to assist in improving strength and body lines.

Tap ~ Tap dance is a form of dance characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. The sound is made by shoes that have a metal tap on the heel and toe. This class will work on tap technique that will help in creating clear precise sounds for choreography.

Jazz ~ Jazz dance is fast and fun. It uses upbeat music, leaps and turns to interpret traditional and not so traditional movements. This class will work on flexibility, technique, across the floor combinations and choreography.

Contemporary ~ a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and body through fluid dance movement. This class will work on technique, flexibility, across the floor combinations and choreography.

Acro Technique ~ a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. The goal for this class is to teach acrobatic skills safely by combining strength, flexibility and conditioning to allow seamless execution of skills and progressions.

Acro Choreography ~ the beautiful fusion of the artistic motion of dance and the athleticism of acrobatics. This class will work on acro choreography, partner work and unique transitions from one acrobatic skill to another.

Clogging ~  a type of folk dance practiced in the United States, in which the dancer's footwear is used percussively by striking the heel, the toe, or both against a floor or each other to create audible rhythms, usually to the downbeat with the heel keeping the rhythm.

Baton ~ baton twirling as it is commonly referred to by twirlers and “spinning” professionals, is the beautiful fusion of the dance arts “theatrics” combined with the precision and athleticism of baton manipulation. Often defined by dazzling “tricks”, twirlers seamlessly blend musicality, emotional expression, line and extension with baton skills within a dance performance context.

Kick Line (Finale) ~ This class will work on Strength and Flexibility required in order to Kick for an extended amount of time. The Kick Line will be the last dance of the annual recital. Dancers in Teen class and/or on the Advanced Competition team are eligible to audition.

Turns-Leaps-Conditioning (T-L-C) ~ a technique class that will work on conditioning, flexibility, and skills to help improve turns and leaps.

Private Lessons ~ offered to anyone interested in performing a solo, duet or trio that will be performed in the annual recital and eligible to compete at competitions.

Summer Combo Class ~ This class will give you a taste of 3 different styles. Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary.  This is a great class to sign up for if you are wanting to try out some new styles that you may not have done before.

Tiny Tot Tumble ~ This class uses imagination and creative movement, sing and dance activities, and helps to develop fine motor skills  all while exploring the space through colors, shapes, pathways and directions. This is a high energy class packed full of fun!

Competition ~ Auditions will be held in May each year. Dancers must come to the audition in order to be considered for one of our teams. If your dancer is serious about dance and wants to travel to competitions and conventions to compete against other schools, win awards and take classes from well-known choreographers then auditioning for the competition team is recommended. *Dancers must have been enrolled at Jodie Carroll Dance Company for a full season before being allowed to audition for the competition team.

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